When will tourism reopens in corona virus situation

Covid affected tourism badly

People dependent on tourism:

  • There are many people dependent on the tourism industry like Hotels, restaurants, car bus transport companies, lodges, tour guides, peddlers & hawkers near tourist monuments and parks along with handicraft shops, many more owners, partners and employees daily wages too.
  • Now the industry totally is totally working at 1% capacity.

Factors ruling tourist industry to shut down in covid

  • Covid pandemic can touch anyone hence travelling is dangerous. Government trying to control the mobility of the public in local cities so the mobility of people outside the city is more than prone to pandemic.
  • While travelling if effected, treatment of Covid as a tourist in other places could be very expensive.
  • Every tourist requires security. None would like to visit disturbed area, be it corona-virus.

Social distancing in tourism?

  • Tourists visit places for enjoyment and recreation so it’s obvious they possess joyful attitude.
  • Social distancing is needed because it is related to corona-virus.
  • It is not possible to maintain social distancing in vehicles, buses, ticket counters, restaurants, historical places, museums bars etc. where people tend to have intention of first come first serve basis.
  • Tourists have limited time to complete their schedule in a day and they hurry and rush to be on time and maintain time management. So most of the time they are all crowded.
Travelling to other cities
  • Tourism means travelling. Now travelling is a means of pandemic to spread, it becomes a source of carrier of coronavirus hence the tourism has to be stopped till the pandemic is controlled.
  • Business travelers are mostly sponsored and use luxury even they have to hold for an indefinite period. There is a change observed that their meetings are conducted online.

Government role for tourism during pandemic.

  • No government intends to produce losses for their citizens. It's a very tough time for governments of all countries that their tourism is affected by corona virus spreading.
  • The government is helpless to start tourism again because life is more important than travelling and sightseeing.
  • The corona virus can spread on flights and trains which are crowded and social distancing, usage of common toilets walking in railway platforms, airports cannot be restricted.
  • Every country is planning to start tourism but the situation will turn from bad to worse if there is any one carrier of virus during travel may spread from one to many.

Tourist’s frustration in pandemic

  • Frequent travelers are frustrated because they are habituated to travel frequently for recreation. Now for them the time is unfavorable.
  • A secured society needs food, water & clothing above if they are healthy. Now the old golden words of philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Health is Wealth” in 1860 is still proven to be true and most essential for human existence.
  • When are we going to get rid of the situation and bring back the world to normalcy is a million dollar question.
  • Liberty and enjoyment are in pursuit of happiness. Travel in Covid situation is a fearful factor.

Discounts and attractions in Tourism and pandemic

  • Various components are attracting tourists in a pandemic and spreading a positive vibe for upliftment of tourism.
  • The foot fall is nil because of extreme fear of coronavirus.

 In my opinion coronavirus and tourism are close enemies that cannot exist together.

It has severely impacted the tourism industry throughout the world. There is a world order change.

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