When tourism is going to start in the World

When tourism is going to start in the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has direct impact on tourism industry due to

  •     Travel restrictions
  •     Fear of contagion
  •     Social distancing
  •     Psychological effects
  •     Closure of monuments
  •     Restaurants are closed
  •     Limited seating capacity instead of 4+1 not its 3+1 in local transport of vehicles.
  •     Entry not allowed in theme parks
  •     Restricted entry in public gardens
  •     Museums are not yet opened.
  •     Popular monuments a
  •     re not yet opened
  •     People do not have money to travel due to reductions in salary, lost jobs and has no money due to lock down they have spend their savings

 When are they going to open tourism is a million dollar question

  As per United Nations World Tourism Organization it is estimated that there will be a decrease in international tourist arrivals by 20–30% in 2020, leading to heavy losses.

Traveling restrictions

  • The precaution for covid is social distancing which has to be followed and can be infected when and where is not known.
  • Many courtiers have banned the tourist visa entry
  • Hence the tourists' arrival is not possible.
  • Now the question is when tourism is going to start?
  • There are speculations and guesses about the commencement of tourism.

Who wants to take risks of travel during covid-19 pandemic?

The air carrier company, the railways or the road transport company. The risk is of health and spreading of the infection.

There’s cost and high risk involved to the tourist. In case of unforeseen events happened to the tourist.

Tourism industry is a thin glass, the effect is immediate and with a great impact. What

Civilian tourism within the city is also not possible due to fear of spread of infection.

There is endless debate and everyone has a strong hope that things may change anytime, the good days are expected to come again.

We are all awaiting for the answer to the question of when?

The frequently travelling tourists are in frustration to travel as they are habitual to do so.

Tourists whose travel plans were shattered or cancelled and the refunds are still awaited or adjusted in future deals are at heavy losers. There can only hope and wait for their turn to get the refund.

Tourists of short distance or luxury travelers too face the shattering of dreams.

Now the decision is of the government, they too have a notion to think and also require revenue to sustain.

If they open tourism the cases of pandemic will geometrically multiply and tracing of the infected is impossible.

Deliberate loss of human life is not acceptable in any situation. Hence, its mortal duty of government to safeguard the public.

They can travel if they are alive. The monuments, museums and other attractions will not go anywhere. But if someone goes from this world will not come back to this world again.

The safety and well being is the motive of tourism and if the tourists are happy the entire tourism industry will be happy.

Tourists are guests and who wants to trouble their guests?

Hence the tourism is slow safe and silent. 

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