When tourism is going to start after lock down

When tourism is going to start after lock down.

 Not a million but a billion-dollar question that cannot be predicated and like the Nostradamus prophecy known but still unknown. Travel might recover in stages and liberty during travel will not be the same.

Tourism will not be like before covid19. Unanswered questions of tourists there are multiple factors influences them. As I have discussed with few persons and they had questions which were unanswered by me.

  • Tourists will postpone their plans for another 6-8 months.
  • Better to visit a resort at the outskirts of the hometown.
  • The best travel plan is weekend destinations near our hometown.
  • The best plan is not visiting on weekends due to heavy rush at weekend destinations.

Wait and watch policy will be followed. Why should we unnecessarily travel and invite trouble? Is it required?

  • If there’re senior citizens in the family? Then certainly it will be cancelled for indefinite prior.
  • In baggage the weight of hand sanitizers will be more than clothing
  • There will always be fear of being infected?
  • Hotels, transporters will disregard if you are found covid infected patient.
  • How to return to your home town as covid patient, if infected in another city?
  • If infected stuck up?

 Will there be insurance cover for tourist covid patients?

  •  Say no to long distance travel destination
  • Prefer train rather than plane or visa viz.
  • Social distancing will be the ruling factor.
  • Tourists will enjoy or will be scared always?

Why do tourists dare to take risks?

  • Will there be limited entry to monument sand theme parks?
  • Will tourists have to take their photographs wearing masks?
  • Few tourist will dare to take risk of death is always there in life
  • The risk of being infected will certainly hover around.
  • If affected in a tourist destination then what?
  • Where is the possibility of being affected?
  • Who will help us in case any one of us is affected either in train or in plane or in cab or in hotel?
  • What help we can expect from a travel agent if affected by covid in a tourist destination.
  • How about social distancing on planes/ trains/ cabs/hotels
  • Travel will have different (expensive) seasons
  • It will not be used to its fullest capacity like in cab
  • In cabs 3+1 are allowed whereas the capacity will be of 4+1.
  • There is a common discussion among tour operators and travel agents about the beginning or it's going to worsen is the big answer being searched.
  • Speculation : a positive thought is since many people are in lockdown for 2-3 months almost there might be a boom in the tourist footfall. Will that increase to pandemic??
  • There is a change of world due to coronavirus pandemic for an indefinite period. All are speculating about the beginning of the tourism.
  • If tourism starts and how it is going to be?
  • When will tourism be healthy as it's badly affected by covid ?
  • These are the questions asked by my previous tourist guests. And I don't have any answer either.
  • About international travel may start in 2022

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