Visakhapatnam Tour Packages

Visakhapatnam Tour Packages



Visakhapatnam (additionally referred to famously as Vizag) is the biggest city in Andhra Pradesh. It is fundamentally a modern city, yet in addition draws in voyagers because of its untainted sandy shorelines, all around constructed and kept up parks and close-by beautiful territories, for example, the Araku Valley. At present the city has a populace of around 2 million.

Rushikonda Beach

About Visakhapatnam

Vizag is now and again alluded to as the "Goa of the East Coast." Just like its west coast partner, it has delightful virgin shorelines, laterite hillocks, and dazzling scene. Wellbeing the travel industry is a quick creating industry. Visakhapatnam is differently alluded to as Jewel on the Coromandel Coast, Steel City, and the City of Destiny.

The neighborhood language is Telugu. There is extensive grouping of Marwaris, Oriya, Bengalis, Punjabis, Maharashtrians, Tamil and Malayalees. What's more, there is an expansive populace of vagrant specialists from different pieces of India who have been attracted to the region primarily by the plenitude of work openings accessible at neighborhood based organizations, for example, the Vizag Steel Plant, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Shipyard, Indian Navy, Dockyard, NTPC-Simhadri Thermal power Plant and numerous other little and medium scale ventures. Visakhapatnam likewise comprises of one of India's biggest maritime base called INS Kalinga, which is around 25 kms. far from the downtown area.

How to visit Visakhapatnam by Air

Vizag is well-associated via air to Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Tirupati, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Indore and Vijayawada. At present there are global flights to Colombo, Dubai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

How to visit Visakhapatnam by train

Visakhapatnam(VSKP) is on the Kolkata-Chennai principle line and is associated with both the urban communities via train. This being a noteworthy station, all trains including the overly quick communicates have a stop at the station. Visakhapatnam station is in the East Coast Railways and has 8 stages; the first in East Coast Railways to have these numerous stages.

All stages can oblige trains with 28 mentors. If it's not too much trouble check the timings with Indian Railways], since they change every once in a while. You can book tickets online through enrolling on the site. The railroad station is WiFi empowered.

Get around Visakhapatnam

Railroad station is only 10 minutes drive from complex. Trains are accessible for movement to adjacent visitor places like Araku.

There are numerous vehicle rental organizations accessible. Note taxis must be pre-set up for an hourly or day premise; open taxis, not at all like the autorickshaws, don't utilize on streets and henceforth can't be legitimately employed from the streets. Anyway UBER/Ola taxis are accessible and can be reserved from your portable. 

Transports - Mini and Big Coaches on Rental, Hire - A/c and Non A/c - through Fleet Owners. . Private taxis like Uber, Ola have begun rides inside the city.

What are the place of sightseeing in Visakhapatnam?


More than all else, Vizag is known for its shorelines. It brags a number shorelines that are both grand and uncrowded. A couple of virgin shorelines length along the eastern side of the city and stretch for miles. Because of solid ocean flows, it is all around unequivocally exhorted not go swimming in those shorelines. A terrific shoreline just local people know about is known as the "Yarada" shoreline. Shockingly, aside from the infrequent RTC transport, there is no open transport accessible. All things considered, the bold personality would think that its fulfilling on the off chance that it can try to arrive. It's a private shoreline and along these lines you have to pay a charge of Rs. 30/ - to pick up passage, however it merits the exertion.

Ramakrishna Beach. Ramakrishna Beach or, as is all the more prominently known as, R.K. Beach is the most prevalent shoreline in the city as in, you can discover local people hanging out amid the sweltering summers, and generally less sweltering winters. On ends of the week and occasions, one can encounter the whole shoreline wake up, however not in the Western sense where individuals dive in the water, or surf. You can see individuals wearing their best garments, simply sitting on the seats, or walking around.

Alert! Many individuals have lost their lives while swimming in this shoreline. So it is firmly encouraged to cease from swimming in this shoreline.

Kali Temple at R.K. Shoreline

Rushikonda. 11 km far from the city, this has turned into a famous place of interest that even local people visit. Significantly more secure to swim into than the R.K. Shoreline, supported among slopes, this used to be a phenomenal shoreline far from the madding swarms. AP Tourism Development Corporation is having its Beach Resort (Punnami) on the slope sitting above the shoreline and water sports exercises are additionally led here.

Alert! Many individuals have lost their lives while swimming in this shoreline. So it is emphatically encouraged to cease from swimming in this shoreline.

Gangavaram. 10 to 12 km far from city, this is a standout amongst the most lovely shorelines here, the most fascinating thing here is a stone like structure that resembles a little island which pulls in many individuals.

Yarada shoreline. It is wrongly thought to be a private shoreline. Sightseers can visit the shoreline straightforwardly or through the Yarada town. Agrigold gathers an expense of Rupees 30 to enter their property and access the shops and an eatery there. In the event that you bring your very own nourishment and refreshments, at that point you can visit the shoreline without entering the Agrigold Property. Yarada is the town behind the Dolphin's Nose. To get to this shoreline, one could utilize the transport office accessible or on the other hand one could likewise procure a taxi to arrive. The perspective on the shoreline and Vizag city from the highest point of the Dolphin's Nose is significant. Likewise, the Gangavaram shoreline is closer from Yarada shoreline. The drive from Scindia to the highest point of Dolphin's Nose, Dolphin's Nose to Yarada and from that point to Gangavaram is extremely charming.

Bhimili. Around 25 kms. from the city, Bhimili used to be a little town which was likewise called Bheemunipatnam. Aside from the shoreline, the town has the remanants of a Portuguese church, Dutch and East India Company settlements and Buddhist locales.

The shorelines are flawless, however you wouldn't discover many shoreline bistros/cafés/cabins like the ones you have in Goa. As of late a water sports focus was begun in Rishikonda. Vizag's shorelines are pure and untainted without the decorations and likes of a global shoreline resort like Goa for example. There has been some adjustment in the ongoing occasions and will keep on being, with the convergence of representatives of HSBC, HPCL, and so on., and Naval Officers, who every now and again go out with their families to appreciate the brilliant sand and contamination free waters of Vizag's shorelines.


Kambalakonda Sanctuary

A dazzling nature protect that numerous individuals in Vizag itself appear to be uninformed of. The isolation and the harmony that one can involvement with Kambalakonda situated inside 20-25 minutes drive from the downtown area is extremely valuable. An ostensible extra charge of 10 Rupees is charged per grown-up. The greenery, the climbing trail and the incredible perspective on the sea from the fairly wobbly survey tower offer an appreciated reprieve from the buzzing about of the city.


Ropeway Terminal

A nearby top pick, a short ride on to this slope gives you an astounding perspective on the ocean, RK.Beach and Rushikonda Beach on right and left hand side. There is a gigantic figure of Shiva and Parvathi. With a youngsters' play territory, a human mover similar to a ski lift called a ropeway. Delightful picturesque view can be acquired from the ropeway, extraordinarily at night, when the city wakes up with every one of the lights. The all over charge for the ropeway is Rs. 65. (As of Oct.2012). An under development doll exhibition hall and two or three eating territories, this ridge gives a decent flying creatures eye perspective on the city too. Has a few "perspectives" bearing magnificent perspectives on the city on one side and winding shorelines abutting green slopes on the opposite side. Guests frequently go gaga for the "shoreline" city particularly in the wake of visiting Kailasagiri. In light of this lovely and uncommon blend of slope and beach.Tenneti park is a terrific Eco wonder about the foot of the Rope way.

War Memorial

There is a war commemoration in recognition of the Victory at Sea on 1971 Indo Pak war. It is arranged on the Beach Road, only inverse to the Submarine Museum. There is a military aircraft, a tank and couple of reproductions of rockets kept as shows. There is no section charge and can be seen from the street.

Matsyadarshini Aquarium

This aquarium is arranged on the left half of Kali sanctuary of R.K. Shoreline. It has a decent accumulation of marine just as freshwater angles. Section charge is Rs. 20 for each individual. (As of Dec. 2006). The leave entryway of the aquarium looks like the open mouth of a gigantic white tipped shark. 'Kala Shrusti' a painstaking work deals shop is on the highest point of the aquarium.

 Araku Valley.

Somewhat further far from the city (6 hrs via train/open transport), however worth visiting for the picturesque valley. A moderate, traveler train leaves the Vizag station promptly toward the beginning of the day (at 6:50 AM), and the train ride is in reality truly charming. Make a point to reach in any event an hour prior to its takeoff to get a seat. The goes through part of little mountains and passages. Araku valley is unquestionably not multi day trip, yet the as of late built APTDC offices can fill in as a conventional over night stay.Make beyond any doubt to book your APTDC rooms early. Padmavathi professional flowerbeds merits investigating. November to February are the greatest months to visit this spot and making an early reservation in the cabins is prudent as Araku Valley has very predetermined number of cabins and inns. Travel in and araku valley is constrained by restricted open transport administration. At APTDC stop, taxis can be enlisted for multi day trip through the valley to Bora caverns and the ride is astounding.

Borra Caves.

Inside Borra Caves

Supposedly awesome caves that had their local appeal before, these caverns have been modernized as of late by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC). There is a passage charge of Rs. 30. Separate charges are there to enter with still or camcorder. It is an unquestionable requirement visit place for all voyagers visiting Vizag. Remember a major container of drinking water.


An unquestionable requirement see on an outing to Visakhapatnam, for its structural quality albeit a portion of the figures were damaged amid the Islamic intrusions. The sanctuary engravings date the soonest benefactors to the 10-eleventh hundreds of years. The definite date of development is obscure. It is found 15 km from the city and is devoted to the half man half lion symbol of Lord Vishnu. The sanctuary bears reference to the Chola and Chalukya styles of design. The earth in the sanctuary is altogether different and extremely charming. It likewise has a neighborhood railroad station.

Ross Hill

An extraordinary site to see is the territory around Ross slope which has three slopes committed to three distinct beliefs in closeness to the port. Ross Hill, named after a specific Monsieur Ross who manufactured a house on it in 1864, it has now been changed over into a sanctuary Mother Mary's Church. The pathway to the altar strewn with Catholic symbol. Darga Pahad has the tomb of the Muslim holy person, Sayed Ali Medina pseudonym Ishak Medina, visited by Hindu and Muslim aficionados alike. Appended to this is a mosque. Sri Venkateswara Konda, the third hillock, has a sanctuary devoted to the Lord. It is accepted to have been worked by an Englishman, Captain Blackmoor, in the nineteenth century. From this hillock you can see the port channel, which was the passageway of the internal harbor for boats and liners.

Submarine Museum


is a one of its benevolent historical center made in a genuine (presently de-commisioned) submarine of Indian Navy.This is the first of its sort in eastern asia. This submarine is one of the most punctual submarine obtained from Russia. One gets to fascinating actualities of working with regards to the submarine. The historical center is kept an eye on by resigned maritime individuals. Section charge for the historical center is Rs.25 for the grown-ups and there is an expense to take any camera or camcorder inside.

Maritime Museum is one more historical center about oceanic history of India. Again its a stunning gallery showing pictures, models and substance of Indian sea history.

Buddhist unearthings Bojjana Konda, Thotla Konda, Bhavi Konda and Salihundam around Visakhapatnam were focuses of Buddhism amid the second century A.D. A few Buddhist landmarks, for example, stupas and chaityas were raised at these spots. It is said that a portion of the corporal relics of the Buddha were safeguarded at these spots. Consequently every one of these spots wound up holy places.

Bojjana Konda It is close Sankaram town in the village of Anakapalli, 40 km from Visakhapatnam, is one such spot, where one can discover engineering remainders of the Buddhist time frame, one of the most punctual of its group in South India. It establishes a standout amongst the most noteworthy gatherings of Buddhist landmarks dated from 200 BC to 700 AD, discovered amid unearthings in 1906. On the eastern slope, there are a progression of shake cut gives in, various gatherings of solid dagobas, remaining on shake stage in levels over every others and, delegated each of the, a stone cut stupa with broad auxiliary remains. On the western side of the eastern slope is a stairway, mostly shake cut and halfway basic, which paves the way to a substantial twofold storied cavern. The cavern is entered by an entryway and is flanked on each side by tremendous dwarapalas. The cavern chamber is rectangular fit as a fiddle and is separated into 20 compartments by four cross rocks of 16 gigantic columns. In the inside is the stone cut stupa remaining on a square stage.

Watersports at Rushikonda

Go for a night walk at RK Beach, it will be an exciting background, it offers great person on foot tracks, lovely stops, historical centers, shorelines and some brilliant outdoors cafés.

Must need is the dawn or a moonrise on a full moon day at Tennati Park(near foot of Rope way) on the Vizag-Bhimili Beach Road it's truely a dining experience to the nature darlings. The ocean looks orange in shading and is a brilliant sight.

An unquestionable requirement visit is Kailasagiri 6 km far from the downtown area. There is a recreation center on the slope top, from here one can see a delightful perspective on the city, the ocean and Eastern Ghats converging into the ocean. One can take a ropeway legitimately confronting ocean and city. On the slope top there is a wonderful toy train that give a look at the magnificence of nature that one can consider. There are a few view focuses that give a charming look of the nature. This spot not at all like other slope stations isn't yet business. One can have a very recreation time without being bothered by visitor guides. When you descend from Kailashgiri one should visit Tenneti Beach Park. Its completely flawless picturesque magnificence alongside lush floor covering grass interweaved with solid pathways makes it the most worshipped spot for sentimental couples. There are a few points from which the wonderful rough shoreline down underneath can be seen. This is one of the world class breathtaking perspectives on to watch the Sun rise and sun set. Numerous motion pictures were shot here. Its view focuses are poistioned to the point that gives a perspective on the perfect waters. Hillocks in the recreation center which is around 50 ft in height that gives a delightful perspective on the ocean, shoreline street and the shoreline park. The feel at this Tenneti Beach park is essentially mind blowing. Additionally, on the off chance that you have a few days in your pocket, don't miss the train venture from Visakhapatnam to Araku which is the most pleasant train course in the state. There is just a single train to Araku from Vizag which begins at 6:50am at Vizag railroad station. That is a 4 hour voyage in the eastern ghats which covers numerous passages and valleys in transit. Remember to recall take a snap at "Shimiliguda" railroad station in the course, which is the most noteworthy railroad station in India on expansive check track.

Vizag is a city that is propelling quick, and with these new headways, the neighborhood individuals of the city are easily adjusting to the progressions

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