The Great Himalayan National Park-Kullu

The Great Himalayan National Park-Kullu


The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), is one of India's national parks, is situated in Kullu district in the province of Himachal Pradesh. The recreation center was built up in 1984 and is spread over a region of 1,171 km2 at an elevation of somewhere in the range of 1500 and 6000 m. The Great Himalayan National Park is a living space to various greenery and in excess of 375 fauna species, including roughly 31 well evolved creatures, 181 feathered creatures, 3 reptiles, 9 creatures of land and water, 11 annelids, 17 mollusks and 127 creepy crawlies. They are ensured under the exacting rules of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972; subsequently any kind of chasing isn't allowed.

In June 2014, the Great Himalayan National Park was added to the UNESCO rundown of World Heritage Sites. The Unesco World Heritage Site Committee conceded the status to the recreation center under the criteria of "exceptional essentialness for biodiversity protection".


The GHNP is at the intersection of world's two noteworthy faunal areas: the oriental toward the south and palaearctic toward the north. The mild backwoods vegetation fauna of GHNP speaks to the westernmost expansion of the Sino-Japanese Region. The high elevation environment of the Northwest Himalaya has basic plant components with the contiguous Western and Central Asiatic locale. Because of its 4,100 m rise run the recreation center has a decent variety of zones with their agent greenery, for example, elevated, frosty, calm, and sub tropical woods.

These biogeographic components are aftereffect of topographical development of Himalaya which proceeds with today from the activity of plate tectonics and mainland float. More than 100 million years prior, the Indian sub-mainland severed from the vast, southern landmass, Gondwanaland and moved north. It in the end pummeled into the northern land mass, Laurasia, and shaped the monstrous collapsed piles of the Himalaya. Because of this association of Gondwanaland and Asiatic landmasses, trade of vegetation was conceivable and this at last prompted the exceptional biogeographical highlights in the area.

Timetable of creation of Great Himalayan National Park-Kullu

It took twenty years from origin to initiation for GHNP to be acknowledged as a component of the Indian national park framework. Coming up next is a short timetable:

1980: Preliminary park review of the watersheds of Tirthan, Sainj, and Jiwanal in Banjar region of Kullu locale 1983: Continued park study, the Banjar zone of Kullu area.

1984: Notification by territory of Himachal Pradesh of the goal to make the Great Himalayan National Park with cradle zone.

1987: First Management Plan of the Great Himalayan National Park.

1988: Settlement Proceedings and settling of privileges of nearby networks

1992: The Himachal Wildlife Project re-surveys natural life wealth, animals touching, and herb gathering and explored the current administration plan.

1994: The Government of HP modified the Notification of goal to incorporate the Sainj Wildlife Sanctuary and the upper Parvati watershed.

1994-1999: Conservation of Biodiversity Project (CoB), the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun conducts research to aid the administration of the recreation center.

1999: Declaration of endless supply of Settlement Proceedings. Financial pay for people who had privileges of backwoods produce in the recreation center territory, including a bundle for giving elective pay age exercises to everyone living in the Ecodevelopment Project Area or Ecozone. The GHNP turns into the most recent and freshest national park of India. The Conservation of Biodiversity (CoB) Project finished on 31 December 1999.

2014: World Heritage Natural Site status presented on GHNP on 23 June in the procedures of the 38th World Heritage Committee meeting in Doha, Qatar.

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