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Vallabhbhai Patel Statue of Unity visitors guide

  • Open for Tourists from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Statue Of Unity Entry Timings 8:0 0 am to 6:00 pm
  • Statue Of Unity Ticket Price ₹ 120 for Adults and ₹ 60 for Children
  • Statue of unity remains closed on Mondays


Places to visit Statue of Unity

  • Visit to Statue of Unity, Wall of Unity, Museum & Exhibition Hall
  • Sardar Sarovar Dam

  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Sight-seeing of historical Shoolpaneshwar Sanctuary and Temple
  • Sound & Light of lazer
  • Trekking in Zarvani Eco-Tourism Area
  • Valley of Flowers-Tour
  • Shopping


Statue Of Unity Tickets
Type 1 Ticket of Statue Of Unity

  • Viewing Gallery, Valley of Flowers, Museum & Audio Visual Gallery, Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Total 535 tickets in a day
  • Adult Rs 350/-
  • Children Rs 200/-

Type 2 Ticket of Statue Of Unity 

  • Valley of Flowers, Museum & Audio Visual Gallery, Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Total 535 tickets in a day
  • Adult Rs 120/-
  • Children Rs 60/-

Bus Ticket for Statue Of Unity

  • Rs 30/-
  • Children less than 3 years are free

Connectivity to Statue of Unity with Major Cities

  1. Distance from Vadiodra to statue of unity 90kms
  2. Distance from Naruch to statue of unity 116kms
  3. Distance from Ahmedabad to statue of unity 198kms
  4. Distance from Gandhinagar to statue of unity 216kms
  5. Distance from Nashik to statue of unity 327kms
  6. Distance from Indore to statue of unity 329kms
  7. Distance from Mumbai to statue of unity 477kms
  8. Distance from Bhopal to statue of unity 562kms
  9. Distance from Jaipur to statue of unity 875kms
  10. Distance from New Delhi to statue of unity 1029kms

Lift of Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity is extremely large statue of Indian statesman and independence activist Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel 1875–1950. Who was the first Home minister of independent India, he has high regards for his leadership in uniting the 562 princely states of India to form the single big Union of India.

His statue is of 182mts (597ft) The statue is The state of Gujarat, India. It is the world tallest statue with a height of 182 metres (597 ft). It is located on a river island facing the Sardar Sarovar Dam on river Narmada in Kevadiya colony, 100 kilometres (62 mi) southeast of the city of Vadodara.

The project was first announced in 2010 and the construction of statue started in October 2013 by Larsen & Toubro, who received the contract for ?2,989 crore (US$420 million). It was designed by Indian sculptor Ram V. Sutar, and was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October 2018, the 143rd anniversary of Patel's birth.

The statue depicts Vallabhbhai Patel, one of the most prominent leaders of the Indian independence movement, the first Deputy Prime Minister of India, and responsible for the unification of hundreds of princely states to form the modern political boundary of India.

The Statue of Unity is an enlarged version of this statue in the Ahmedabad International Airport.

After studying numerous statues of Patel across the country, a team of historians, artists, and academics chose to proceed with a design submitted by the Indian sculptor, Ram V. Sutar. The Statue of Unity is a much larger replica of a statue of the leader installed at Ahmedabad International Airport. Commenting on the design, Ram Sutar's son, Anil Sutar explains that "the expression, posture and pose justify the dignity, confidence, iron will as well as kindness that his personal exudes. The head is up, a shawl flung from shoulders and hands are on the side as if he is set to walk". Three models of the design measuring 3 feet (0.91 m), 18 feet (5.5 m), and 30 feet (9.1 m) were initially created. Once the design of the largest model was approved, a detailed 3D-scan was produced which formed the basis for the bronze cladding cast in a foundry in China.

Patel's dhoti-clad legs and the use of sandals for footwear rendered the design thinner at the base than at the top thereby affecting its stability. This was addressed by maintaining a slenderness ratio of 16:19 rather than the customary 8:14 ratio of other tall buildings.The statue is built to withstand winds of up to 180 kilometres per hour (110 mph) and earthquakes measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale which are at a depth of 10 km and within a radius of 12 km of the statue. This is aided by the use of two 250-tonne tuned mass dampers which ensure maximum stability.

The total height of the structure is 240 m (790 ft), with a base of 58 m (190 ft) and statue of 182 m (597 ft).The height of 182 was specifically chosen to match the number of seats in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly.

The statue was built by Public Private Partnership model, with most of the money raised by the Government of Gujarat. The Gujarat state government had allotted ?6 billion (US$83 million) for the project in the budget from 2012 to 2015.In the 2014–15 Union Budget, ?2 billion (US$28 million) were allocated for the construction of the statue.Funds were also contributed by Public Sector Undertakings under Corporate Social Responsibility scheme.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the museum within the complex.
The Statue of Unity is the world's tallest statue at 182 metres (597 ft). It rises 54 metres (177 ft) higher than the previous record holder, the Spring Temple Buddha in China's Henan province. The previous tallest statue in India was the 41 m (135 ft) statue of Hanuman at the Paritala Anjaneya Temple near Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The statue can be seen within a 7 km (4.3 mi) radius.

The monument is constructed on a river island named Sadhu Bet, 3.2 km (2.0 mi) away from and facing the Narmada Dam downstream.The statue and its surroundings occupy more than 2 hectares (4.9 acres), and are surrounded by a 12 km (7.5 mi) long artificial lake formed by the Garudeshwar weir downstream on the Narmada river.

The statue is divided into five zones of which only three are accessible to the public. From its base to the level of Patel's shins is the first zone which has three levels and includes an exhibition area, mezzanine and roof. Zone 1 contains a memorial garden and a museum. The second zone reaches up to Patel's thighs, while the third extends up to the viewing gallery at 153 metres. Zone 4 is the maintenance area while the final zone comprises the head and shoulders of the statue.

The museum in zone 1 catalogues- the life of Sardar Patel and his contributions. An adjoining audio-visual gallery provides a 15 minute presentation on Patel and also describes the tribal culture of the state.The concrete towers which form the statue's legs contain two elevators each. Each lift can carry 26 people at a time to the viewing gallery in just over 30 seconds. The gallery is located at a height of 153 metres (502 ft) and can hold up to 200 people.

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