Silent Valley National Park is in Kerala in India.

Silent Valley National Park is in Kerala in India.


Silent Valley is viewed as one of the most naturally various regions on earth. 

During the 1950s, the Kerala State Electricity Board needed to assemble a dam over the Kunti stream, which streamed in the profound backwoods. Across the nation dissents in India by hippies and mass attention by the media drove the then head administrator, Indira Gandhi to arrange the state government to nullify the hydroelectric task. The territory was pronounced a National Park. 

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The recreation center is really named Indira Gandhi National Park, and Silent Valley is the name of the spot, yet it is likewise called Silent Valley National Park. It is a magnificent spot to visit for vacationers. 

Contact subtleties: The Wildlife Warden, Silent Valley National Park, Mannarkkad, Palakkad dist, Kerala. Stick – 678582. Telephone: 04924-222056. 


Tropical evergreen woodland. Tremendous trees, thick undergrowth. Overwhelming downpours during the storms. Shola prairies higher up. 


Lion followed macaque, elephant, panther, tiger, nilgiri thar, malabar monster squirrel. Assortment of other huge warm blooded animals including deer, gaur and so on. Enormous populace of fowls like hornbills, malabar whistling thrush and so forth. The spot is abounding with the more "typical" feathered creatures like drongos, tailorbirds, spotted pigeon, koels and so forth. 


Damp during the downpours (June, July, August), generally by and large hot and tropical. 

Get in 

The closest railroad station is Palghat Junction (Palakkad). From Palakkad, go to Mannarkkad, and from that point to Mukkali. The two spots are very much associated by private transports. In the event that you are wanting to remain at Mukkali, hold rooms ahead of time at the Forest dept resthouse. Or on the other hand else you can remain at Mannarkkad and contract a jeep to reach Mukkali by 8AM. Mukkali is around 60 km from Palakkad, with Mannarkkad on the way. The visit to the Valley and Kunti stream will take just a day, and you can return back to Palakkad a similar night. 

Another nearby railroad station is Coimbatore Junction. From Coimbatore, take the way to Anakatty(around 30 kms) from Coimbatore and from Ankatty to Agali (15 kms)and then Mukkali(20 kms). The all out separation by means of the Coimbatore course is just around 65kms. Its just about a straight street drive from Coimbatore to Mukkali. The grand roadway keeps one charmed all through. 

Authorization is required from the Kerala Forest Department. For a short one day trip (generally taken by travelers), authorization can be acquired on the spot at the Forest Department office at Mukkali. This outing incorporates a short trek of around 2-3 km to the balancing span at the Kunti River. 

The section purpose of the way to the recreation center is Mukkali. From Mukkali, it takes a 30 km jeep ride to get into the genuine passage purpose of the recreation center. Jeeps can be contracted from Mukkali. It is hard for autos to navigate, so don't endeavor to drive except if you are brave and have a SUV and great ability on mountain streets. 

Vacationers are not permitted to remain in the valley. They should return to Mukkali before sun-down. 

Section into the valley is enabled uniquely from 8AM to 2PM, as you need around one and a half hours (every best approach) to the Valley and return. The Forest Department purposely doesn't enable setting off to the valley promptly in the first part of the day to limit unsettling influence to the creatures. Sightseers won't be permitted to remain/camp medium-term at the valley. 

You won't be permitted to continue without a guide. A guide will be relegated to your gathering when you get consent from the Mukkali Forest Dept Office. 

In the event that you are only an easygoing visitor, at that point this is fine, however genuine naturalists should contact the Wildlife Warden a lot prior and get satisfactory consent. Trekking in profound woodland (for a couple of days) requires consent from the Forest Department office in Trivandrum, and is hard to get. 

At any rate, it is practically difficult to get authorization to go anyplace close profoundly of the national park, except if you are a field analyst or something to that effect. 


For Indian natives, charges are not exceptionally high. Roughly, they are (in May 2010): 

Vehicle (Jeep) lease from Mukkali to the Valley: Rs 650/ - 

Guide charges: Rs 150/ - 

Passage charge: Rs 50/ - per head 

Vehicle passage charge: Rs 250/ - per jeep 

Cameras (still camera): Rs 50/ - per camera 

Get around 

Jeeps for contract from Mukkali (closest point) or Mannarkkad (closest town). 


Appreciate the thick wilderness, see the winged creatures, you are fortunate in the event that you see the huge warm blooded creatures (on the short trek). Generally you will see the Malabar Giant Squirrel, dark langurs and obviously numerous sorts of fowls. Trek down to the Kunti waterway. There is additionally a watch tower disregarding the wilderness. The back of the Inspection Bungalow at Mukkali is an incredible spot for fledgling viewing. 


Clean up in the Bhawani River at Mukkali. 


You can purchase heaps of characteristic items in the timberland office's very own store, including unadulterated unique wild nectar and so on. The costs are ostensible. 


You have sairandri café at tree top resort,chindakki close to Silent valley. You have a tasty nourishment from that point. What's more, you have some little restaurents at mukkali.. 


Filtered water is accessible at Mukkali. 



Woods division has a visitor house/quarters at Mukkali. Rooms must be reserved ahead of time. Rooms are fair , without expecting anything over what can be normal in remote edges. In the event that your center is nature, at that point it shouldn't make any difference. Guarantee you are set up for power cuts, which are extremely visit. The timberland visitor house is at a decent , serene spot, with the bhavani waterway simply streaming behind the visitor house. 

There are resorts and private homestays a couple of miles from the backwoods visitor house in the event that the visitor house is inaccessible. 

An eco amicable customary retreat, is about thirty minutes drive from the Silent Valley, in the midst of ranches. Favored essentially darlings for birding and butterfly watching and film entertainers of Kerala for a sound loosened up rest. This is controlled by the scientist named Dominic Xavier. No smoking or liquor allowed on the premises. There are not many innate villages and Suruvani stream is close by 

Tranquilandia, Kottahara Village, Agali. , is about 18km from the Silent Valley and has a respectable and tranquil accomodation with fundamental civilities in the midst of peaceful environment and agreeable hosts. No smoking or liquor allowed on the premises. The Siruvani waterway bank is a couple of minutes stroll from this spot. 

Vision Nature Resorts, Varagampadi Village,Attapadi slopes, ☎ 0492211567 (, [2]. checkin: 1200pm; checkout: 1100am. is about an hour drive from Silent Valley National Park and near the innate villa of Varagamapadi with present day offices and comforts in a Silent and loosening up condition with a perspective on mountains 


Vacationers are not permitted to remain medium-term at the Valley; they need to return back to Mukkali before sun-down. So outdoors in the wilderness is troublesome. Mukkali is likewise thickly forested; you may ask authorization from the Forest deparment office on the off chance that you wish to camp in Mukkali. No gurantees. 


Remain safe 

No much issues. Watch out for parasites in the wilderness. Convey table salt from Mukkali to expel leeches from your legs. Indeed, even Mukkali is a remote spot, so deal with yourself, abstain from being conspicuous in any term. To the extent the backwoods goes, its protected, except if you dont adhere to the timberland rules. 

Get out 

Return to Palakkad to get a train/transport to all pieces of India. Closest air terminal is Coimbatore, around 120 km away from Silent Valley. 

To return to palakkad from mukkali, there are just a couple of transports at the check post close mukkali. Check for precise timings with local people, in the event that you dont need to be stranded for the following transport which would be following a couple of hours.


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