Shirdi Tours from Hyderabad


Feb, 05

Shirdi Tours from Hyderabad

Shirdi is a town in the Ahmednagar area of Maharashtra in India. It is found 185 km east of the Arabian Sea shoreline. Shirdi was the place the incredible holy person Sai Baba lived till his samadhi in 1918. Today, it is a journey focus and a great many his lovers from everywhere throughout the world come every year to offer their regards.

Shirdi Tour Packages from Hyderabad

The best time to visit Shirdi is January through March. April to June is summer, trailed by the storm. Pioneer landing tops among September and November when numerous Hindu celebrations happen. Baba's passing commemoration is celebrated in the period of October, the correct date contingent upon the Hindu logbook.

Probably the most essential celebrations in Shirdi are Dussera, Guru Poornima and Baba's passing commemoration. Amid this time lakhs of enthusiasts come to Shirdi.

The fundamental attractions are where Sai Baba's samadhi is found, the previous abode of Sai Baba called Dwarakamayi, and the place called Chavadi where Baba used to rest each substitute day. These 3 are found near one another.

Sai Baba Temple - Free biometric get to cards are issued to every aficionado to get the darshan of Sai Samadhi by Sanshtan on assigned counter. Free VIP passes ars additionally issued by Sanshthan on these counters for Senior nationals and guardians having infant(less than 1year tyke).

Situated at the core of the town, this houses the samadhi (entombment site) of Sai Baba. Section is free. One can likewise book uncommon pass which costs Rs.200 per fan for darshan from Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust[14]. The holding up time in the line midpoints over a hour on weekdays and 2 hours on ends of the week. The sanctuary opens around 0400 hrs and remains open till around 2200 hrs. At the samadhi site itself, one gets the opportunity to put in a few minutes just as everybody should be obliged to get a look at the samadhi.

After the Samadhi Darshan, one can visit the Gurusthan, the Neem tree where Sai Baba was first spotted reflecting by the general population of Shirdi. From that point forward, one can go to the Udhi counter to gather the Udhi. The sanctuary premises additionally has the samadhis of some of Sai Baba's most conspicuous fans.

It additionally has a book shop where one can purchase Sai Baba's books (Shri Sai Samartha Satcharitra, Aarti books and so on.). One can likewise get garments and Prasadam offered to Sai Baba. Cell phones and cameras are precluded inside the sanctuary premises.These can be stored to the assigned counter of portable locker with the rate of Rs5 per versatile. These counters are accessible on all section doors.

Dwarakamayi - Located neighboring the sanctuary complex, Dwarakamayi is the name of the mosque where Baba lived for a solid range of 60 years till his Samadhi in 1918. The structure has been revamped and houses the Dhuni the fire that Baba constantly continued consuming. The flares are never permitted to kick the bucket and the Dhuni today is a similar that Baba lit more than 100 years prior. Moreover, a portion of Baba's articles, for example, his crushing stone, chimney, a stone on which he used to sit are situated in the Dwarakamayi

Chavadi - This is situated by Dwarakamayi. Each other day, Baba used to rest in the Chavadi, a couple of meters from the Dwarakamayi. Indeed, even today, on Thursday evenings, Baba's impressions are taken in a stately parade from Dwarakamayi to Chavadi.

Khandoba Raya sanctuary - This is where Mahalsapati first invited Sai Baba with expressions "Aao Sai(Welcome Lord) and perceived that He is no standard holy person. This is situated on the expressway, around 7 minutes leave the sanctuary. One can meet grandson of Mahalsapati in this sanctuary.

Shirdi Airport is in Kakadi village, about 14kms Shirdi town in Maharashtra

Distances from Shirdi to important cities
Manmad to Shirdi is 58kms
Aurangabad to Shirdi 127kms

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