Precautions / Safe Tips While on Safari to Avoid Animal encounters

Precautions / Safe Tips While on Safari to Avoid Animal encounters

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  • Carry a good binocular & Camera with Charged battery for ready to shoot and Don’t not use flash of camera.

  • Dress should be comfortable, fully covered to avoid insect bites

  • Avoid bright colors and stick to shades of green to blend with nature and background.

  • Wear very comfortable walking shoes with socks.

  • Carry small torch, antiseptic creams, band-aids, first-aid kit, mosquito repellent, personal hygiene products, Raincoat, water bottle, umbrella etc.

  • Keep cell phones in your hotel room, carrying them in jungle will be of no use due to lack of signals.

  • In the jungle you will be in open sky. Don't forget your hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.

  • Say no to plastic of any kind.

  • Stay together, do not isolate from the group and break the instructions of driver/ guide.

  • Don't put perfume while going to safari.

  • Pets are not allowed

  • Do not carry unnecessary articles in safari which are of no use in jungle.

  • Strictly Avoid smoking - anything can start a forest fire.

  • Do not go closer to any animal.

  • Stay calm, talk in whispers. Do not bring infants as they sometimes can't calm down sometimes.

  • Do not feed animals

  • Never turn on music while on safari

  • Do not get off your safari jeep inside the forest

  • Don't litter in the jungle

  • During wild encounters, don't talk, stand still retreat quietly taking backward steps.

  • Do not enter the park with firearms, or any kind of combustible materials

  • Do not remove or carry away flowers, branches, etc from the park.

 Jungle is home to the wild animals. You are entering into their territory. Do not go against their law and disturb the.

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