Jaisalmer Tour Package

Jaisalmer Tour Package


Jaisalmer, the "Brilliant City," is situated on the westernmost outskirts of India in the territory of Rajasthan.

About Jaisalmer Tourism

The city is known for its nearness to the Thar Desert. A camel safari in the sand ridges of Jaisalmer is a life-changing knowledge.

The city is commanded by the Jaisalmer Fort, otherwise called Sonar Qila (Golden Fort). In contrast to most fortresses in India, the Jaisalmer Fort is a living fortification. There are shops, lodgings and age old havelis (homes) inside the stronghold territory where families have lived for ages.

How to Visit Jaisalmer by plane

Jaisalmer airplane terminal is operational at this point.

How to Visit Jaisalmer by  train

There is an immediate train administration from Old Delhi. The Delhi-Jaisalmer Express, flight time at 17:30 (from Delhi Jn station) through Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pokharan (India's atomic trying territory) comes to Jaisalmer at 11:30 following day. The other way the train leaves Jaisalmer at 17:15, achieving Delhi Jn at 11:15 following day. This train has 2AC, 3AC, Sleeper and open classes. It is all the time 3-5 hrs late.

Another train from Old Delhi is Corbett Park Link Express from Ramnagar (Uttarakhand) to Jaisalmer. It begins from Ramnagar at 22:00 hrs, achieves Old Delhi at 3:55 hrs. following day and at 23:05 hrs. at Jaisalmer. This train additionally have 2AC, 3AC and sleeper class however no pentry vehicle. At Delhi, it stops for 45 minutes leaving at 4:40 hrs. Return adventure begins at 1:20 hours and achieves Delhi at 21:10 hrs. From Delhi, it begins at 22:30 hrs and reach Ramnagar at 4:55 hrs following day.

When you get to the station, it is about a 40Rs auto ride to the focal point of town as of Jan 2019.

Also there is a daytime moderate train (open, halting at all stations) and a night express train (with 3AC, Sleeper and open classes) among Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.

Each Sunday the extravagance train Palace on Wheels stops at Jaisalmer.

How to Visit Jaisalmer By RTC

Transport or vehicle taxi from Jodhpur or by transport from Bikaner. An every day transport hurries to and from Jaipur by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC) .

How to Visit Jaisalmer by Road

Different visit administrators and travel offices offer chauffeured vehicle taxi benefits; these are charged on a for each km, every day premise. You can plan to bring one to touch base into the city or take one for touring in and around the city.

There are numerous vehicle rental administrations in Delhi which can give escort driven autos to Jaisalmer.

Estimated distances from other cities

  • Agra 800 km
  • Ajmer 440 km
  • Bikaner 330 km
  • Jaipur 570 km
  • Jodhpur 300 km
  • Mumbai 1140 km
  • New Delhi 800 km
  • Udaipur 575 km

How to Visit Jaisalmer By camel

Another choice is to touch base by camel; Jaisalmer is acclaimed for camel trips. The most tiresome is the multi day trip from Bikaner. When booking a couple of days in the desert on a camel, make sure to look around so as to get the quality you pay for.

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Not at all like Jaipur and Jodhpur, with populaces in the millions, Jaisalmer is especially a visitor town, with a populace of around 80,000. Indeed, a noteworthy bit of the populace is just there in the traveler season, four months out of the year. The remainder of the time they head out to look for some kind of employment in bigger towns in Rajasthan. In this manner you can hope to see that the occupants are resolved to offering you things. As anyplace in India, attempt to remain quiet and not get disturbed, as blowing up never helps the circumstance. Remember that they can likewise be incredibly agreeable, talkative, and really accommodating, so be sure when in the city and have a decent time!

In Jaisalmer, theere's a major issue with Illiteracy. Indeed, even some Hotel proprietors can't peruse and compose and don't have a clue how to utilize a PC. Consequently, many are searching for volunteers to help them refreshing their site, dealing with their appointments and so forth. Numerous local people can't bear the cost of sending their children to class, so a few people are endeavoring to begin free schools where volunteers can instruct the town messes with some English. In the event that you are keen on remaining here for quite a while, simply make an inquiry or two. Indeed, even simply helping some Hotel proprietors deal with their appointments may get you a free tea or even lunch.

Places of sightseeing in Jaisalmer

  • Sam Sand Dunes, found 40 km west of Jaisalmer
  • Patwon Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer
  • A standout amongst the most sublime attractions is the Jaisalmer Fort, otherwise called "Sonar Qila," because of the yellow stone with which it was constructed.
  • Ghadsisar (Lake): is a water lake which supplies water to the city. Sar implies a lake. Lord Ghadsi of Jaisalmer got it made 650 years prior with the assistance of the general population. It is encompassed by sanctuaries and tombs of holy people. Pontoon rides are advertised. Adjacent is the desert social focus and a neighborhood exhibition hall worked out of the accumulations of a nearby teacher, Mr. N.K. Sharma. This middle behaviors manikin appears toward the beginning of the day and night. There are individuals who will attempt and offer you bread to sustain the immense number of catfish in the lake.
  • Jaisalmer Fort: Colorful shades of the setting sun and brilliant tones of the desert vibe give a fantasy look to this mega organized fortress. The inside of the fortress is astounding. It is a 'working stronghold,' implying that not at all like each other fortification in India, there are individuals living and working inside its dividers. Travelers can likewise visit numerous havelis of rich vendors, which are additionally having a dash of extraordinary old style inside and plan.
  • There are various posts (at any rate five) inside the fortress that give an incredible view out over the city and desert.
  • A voyage through the illustrious segment of the stronghold is accessible from a beginning stage just to the right up the stairs as you enter the principle square of the fortress). The sound visit takes around one hour and 15 to 30 minutes. At the last couple of areas, there are two commercials in it - not an absolute necessity, the view is the thing that you wanted. It is anyway unrealistic any longer to quit the audiotour, it is incorporated into the Rs 500 ticket (July 2015). They do charge Rs 100 additional per camera.
  • Jain Temple: There are seven perfectly cut sanctuaries worked inside the stronghold dividers. These sanctuaries were worked between the twelfth century to fifteenth century. Every one of the sanctuaries are associated by walkways and hallways. It is necessary to take off your shoes and all other calfskin articles (belts, wallets, satchels, and so on.) before entering any Jain sanctuary. The absolute first sanctuary which a traveler can visit is committed to Chandraprabhu, who is the eighth tirthankar (Jain God). The image of the God Chandraprabhu is the moon. This sanctuary was worked in 1509. It is worked with fine stones. They are just open from 8am to early afternoon. Leave a decent hour to see them. Section is Rs 200 (counting camera). Take your shoes off and leave them close where you purchased the tickets (a little tip is invited).
  • Havelis: Patwon-ki-Haveli is a ten-minute stroll from the fundamental entryways of the fortification and very superb. It's an accumulation of five houses, every one for the child of a well off dealer who made cash loaning to the administration. One of the havelis (nearest to the road) has been reestablished and transformed into an administration historical center. Hope to go through two hours there. Incredible view back towards the fortification. Section Rs 500 (remote visitor). Aides stick around outside and offer their administrations for as meager as Rs 50. Be that as it may, they offer a hurried visit, and there is a lot of data on signs inside.
  • Remodeled avenues and houses: The city is presently experiencing very broad redesigns, and especially the little boulevards while in transit to the Patwon-ki-Haveli have been revamped with numerous houses currently flaunting wonderfully cut front sandstone dividers. The houses are considerably more unpredictable and intriguing from road level than they show up from the fortress
  • Suryagarh, Sam Road. It's "just" a lodging, however despite everything you wonder how they manufactured it amidst the desert. Rich plant enclosures, stunning pools and wellsprings, amazing stone cutting methods. While most can't stand to remain there, ceasing to have tea is a choice that enables you to view lesser expense!

Jaisalmer is an exquisite and exceptionally loosening up spot with an extraordinary community feel. Plan at any rate two days, and add time on the off chance that you need to investigate the desert. Take a walk, visit the royal residence and do the camel safari (trips accessible from a couple of hours to 14 days). In the event that you don't feel remotely pulled in to camels, attempt a jeep safari into the desert to see the landscape and watch the sun go down. Underneath the post are a few heavenly havelis with mind boggling stone carvings. A few can be visited for negligible charges and are well worth searching out. It's increasingly agreeable to meander in the city before 9:00 am when there are relatively few travelers, less shops opened and still outside air.

Camel safaris are sorted out by various visit administrators and tourism planners in Rajasthan. The majority of the camel safaris are sorted out in Bikaner, Osian, Jaisalmer and Pushkar. A camel safari outing can be of two to seven days and on the off chance that somebody wishes to expand it, it can go as long as one month. Short outings give a look at the desert to the voyagers. Jaisalmer is the place where there is desert and a large portion of the camel safaris begin from this city. In the majority of the outings, one camel is distributed to one individual and a camel truck is likewise furnished with the gathering which conveys all the nourishment, tents and different supplies.

Run of the mill administrators for desert/camel safaris in Jaisalmer are


Sahara Travel, Near first fortress door, gopa chowk, ☎ +91 9414319921, Off the beaten trek camel safari. Town visits. Comfortable beds and sterile nourishment with a lot of mineral water. ~1500Rs/pers/night (non-arranged cost).

Trotters Camel Safari, Gopa Chowk close primary entryway of fortress, ☎ +919414469292 (trotterint@hotmail.com), Meals, filtered water, bedding and so forth gave. ~Prices run from 1250Rs for day by day trips per individual off the beaten track to 1950Rs-2450Rs per individual for treks with medium-term remains. Cost relies upon flight and return times.

Indian Crafts Boutique-Museum, Sadar Bazaar (Gopa Chowk, close Fort door, while in transit to Patwon Haveli). 9-21. Decent instructive leaflets accessible about gems making and diverse adornments styles in India, nitty gritty clarifications about material creation. Understanding into Indian history and nearby history also: Jaisalmer, the silk exchange, and so on. For those intrigued by elective medication, there is even data about ayurveda, chakras and reflection apparatuses. Pleasantly displayed and genuinely all around investigated. free.

Nightfall point, Bada Bagh (Ram Gargh Road (take a taxi)). dusk!. Flawless cenotaphs. Fabulous pictures.

Desert Safariors Jaisalmer, Sam Road Near Kanoi Village (MDR 53), ☎ 09799394263, 24X7. Desert Safari, Camel Safari, Camel Ride, Over night remain in Swiss tents, Dune Bashing, Parasailling ,Rajasthani Cultural Evening. Contact - 09799394263

Genuine Desert Man Camel Safari (Real Desert Man Camel Safari), Near Madrsa Road (Near Fort Parking), ☎ 09649865500, 24x7. Genuine Desert Man Safari has been in activity in Jaisalmer for well more than two decades, a continuation of a long queue of camel drivers going back hundreds of years in the core of Rajasthan's Jaisalmer. Pleasant camel ride and experience safari. 850Rs-1700Rs.

Kheta - The Real Desert Man, Hotel Grand View Jaisalmer (just office, not identified with the inn) (On Fort Road: inverse of Govt Authorized Bhang Shop request Kheta or the Hotel Grand View. Or on the other hand far and away superior: simply call him), ☎ +91 9571096265. Kheta does camel safaris for over 30 years now. Inside this visit there are just Kheta, his sibling (the two camel men) and their well-treated Camels, no one else. The Tours are non-touristic, genuine and can be arranged in all respects separately. ~1,500 Rs every individual for a one night camel safari (relies upon what number of individuals you need to impart to and on the quantity of evenings).

Pumaram Desert Safari, 316 Khuri Village, Jaisalmer Dt, ☎ 09166938073. To encounter the country atmosphere of Rajasthan and appreciate outdoors like travelers, looking at the stars, tasting flavorful straightforward nourishment made by the camel man. Pumaram (camel man) is truly accommodating and has facilitated various remote voyagers and has their declarations shockingly. You can connect with the all around prepared camels either for a few hours or days at an entirely sensible value (begins from Rs.300 per individual)

Desert Cow Guest House Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer 345001 (Near Jaisalmer post), ☎ +918769350404. Little, amicable guesthouse with an assortment of spending plan inviting great measured generally brightened rooms. RS200-600.

The Desert Ship Camel safari Jaisalmer, Dhibba Para Near Fort Parking, ☎ +918769473419 (thedesertship@gmail.com), 9am to 8pm. The Desert Ship Camel Safari is one of the pioneer organizations situated in Jaisalmer who began offering desert camel rides. The organization is known for its superb administrations and warm friendliness. 1500 to 1950.

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