How long will it take for the tourism industry to restart after Covid

How long will it take for the tourism industry to restart after Covid 19?

This is a billion dollar question and it is not at all clear that COVID-19 will ever end.

All these are speculations and assumed predictions that it will soon start very soon. The question of a certain date is unknown.

This question will be a mystery; time is the only healer and predictor.

  • The medicine is almost there
  • Final testing is awaited
  • Human testing is successful awaiting for results
  • Vaccine is for governments and WHO’s approval

This has also become a part of our life.

We will not give up hope as there is a possible scope for vaccines.

Since travel was an important part of life and it was not a luxury but a need. Maybe for business purposes or to  break away from an ordinary routine and to rejuvenate. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the travel to revive ASAP soon.

Many travelers lost their money in non refundable bookings. Hotels and airlines were shut down.

In 2020 people could not spend their desired time in summer hill station outdoors. And they had to spend at home in an ac and non ac environment in their homes or in apartments. The hill station tourism sector is devastated completely.

At least there is hope in winter.

Now the frequent tourists eagerly want to get out of their city. This pent up desire to step out will prove very healthy for tourism once it is safe to be outdoors.

What is required is IMMUNITY, HOPE and DESTINY.


Demand for travel will be much lower than before for many months or may be for the next 2 years. The travel restrictions can only be lifted once the Corona Virus is zero or almost zero. Even after the clearance of travel restrictions the fear of re-spread and re- infections will exist till the vaccine is launched.

Airlines, hotels, local tourist transporters, tour operators, safari lodges and jungle tours may not be available in good conditions due to les usage and less customers.

 All things considered, I expect we will not see much of a recovery this year (2020) but in 2021 people will travel again.

There are many places which are tourism dependent like Bali- Indonesia, Thailand, Caribbean Islands, Sri Lanka, Italy, Safari places in the continent of Africa.

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