Chennai Tour Packages

Chennai Tour Packages

 Chennai (Tamil:சென்னை) once in the past known as Madras, this 369-year-old city is the capital of the southern province of Tamilnadu and is India's 6th biggest city as far as populace with an expected populace of 7.45 million (2005). It fills in as one of the fundamental entryways to South India and has a flourishing nearby culture and workmanship scene and is one of the significant goals for medicinal the travel industry. It is considered as one of the world's quickest developing urban areas in spite of the fact that positions thirteenth regarding tidiness. 

It is on the Coromandel shoreline of the Bay of Bengal and has the second longest shoreline front of any district on the planet.

Atmosphere of Chennai is Tropical.

Chennai is arranged in the Thermal Equator zone which averts outrageous changes in temperature. Chennai has for the most part two seasons - summer (35-42°C/95-108°F) Apr-Jun (Highest temperature at any point recorded is 45°C/113°F on 30 May 2003) and storm (Oct-Dec). It gets insufficient precipitation from the south-west rainstorm (Jun-Sep) while rest of India is lashed by substantial downpours, yet gets its plentiful downpours from the north-east storm from October through December, in this way adding up to around 125-150 cm (49-59 in) of precipitation every year. Rainfalls happen for the most part from October to December and evaporated scour lands blossom with greenery amid this period.

December to February are the mildest months temperature - (19-28°C/66-82°F). December to March is presumably the best time to visit Chennai: the temperatures once in a while surpass 30°C amid early afternoon and nights are wonderful.

Atmosphere is muggy essentially during the time in light of the fact that the city is on the coast. Summers are sweltering and moist. Make certain bring light (not feeble) attire. Winter style has never been of any utilization in Chennai, wearing a sweater will abandon you doused in perspiration in under five minutes.


Georgetown in the north of the city is viewed as the most seasoned neighborhood and is related with the adjacent port. The entire territory is an exceptional encounter and a hive of business movement. Not very numerous sightseers visit this piece of the city, which is awful in such a case that Chennai's heart is to be found anyplace, it is here. This is the place the Sowcarpet region is situated, notwithstanding one of the city's most well known avenues, Mint Street.

Places to see in Chennai in Brief

  • Marina Beach
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple
  • Fort St. George
  • Chennai Central railway station
  • VGP Golden Beach Resort
  • Government Museum, Chennai
  • St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica
  • Valluvar Kottam



Chennai Marina Beach

Shoreline Watch Note Although Chennai shorelines are both delightful and welcoming, they are not swimming shorelines, because of solid under flows present along the shoreline. Swimming ought not be endeavored there. There are no lifeguards and salvage hardware isn't given at any of these shorelines. Anyway there are "shoreline police" who ride on steeds and watch out for the general population and pay special mind to any inconvenience. Individuals ought to abstain from wearing swimwear or comparable clothing in the city shorelines all things considered dress isn't fitting there and will pull in gazes.

Elliot's Beach

Marina Beach, is 12 km long and offers astounding open doors for strolls and has an exceptionally wide sandy foreshore. Its width is up to 300 m (985 ft). The Marina of Madras is the second longest urban shoreline on the planet. Along the shore, there are numerous structures worked amid the British pioneer rule. The South Beach Road keeps running past the Madras University, the Senate House, the Chepauk Palace (Nawabs of Carnatica once held their court here). It is the most prevalent social occasion place for local people, particularly in the nights and on ends of the week. It can likewise become exceptionally busy at those occasions. The shoreline is moderately less swarmed in the early mornings and increasingly wonderful. Stroll along the Marina at night to chill and eat firm "sundal" (boilt, spiced lentils), crisply gotten fish and Murukku(a kind of dry noodles). Viewing the dawn from the shoreline is an encounter without anyone else. It is anything but a swimming shoreline, however you will see individuals completely dressed taking incomplete plunges.

Blustery Beach-Valmiki Nagar (Thiruvanmiyur)

Edward Elliot's shoreline, is spread along the coast down south from Marina. It is additionally the night shoreline for Chennai youth. This shoreline is relatively calmer and it is situated close Besant Nagar. Toward the finish of this shoreline are the Velankanni church and the Ashtalakshmi sanctuary. Great streets, asphalts, strolling track enlightened sands, makes a visit to this shoreline a genuine joy. It can become truly busy amid the ends of the week too.

Windy Beach is situated in the peaceful neighborhood of Valmiki Nagar (Thiruvanmiyur) in Chennai. It is littler and less prominent than the Elliot's shoreline. This shoreline isn't as popularized as the Elliot's shoreline, and is subsequently increasingly tranquil and quiet. Nights are exceptionally lovely and with delicate windy here, Lots of sightseers are pulled in towards this shoreline. Since the local location around this shoreline is involved dominatingly by youthful experts working in the IT/ITES ventures, this shoreline has transformed into a problem area for them. It is less contaminated and condition benevolent. The individuals who search for a quiet, cool and blustery spot to unwind, this shoreline is the best spot in Chennai.

Temples in Chennai

Section into the sanctum-sanctorum (the deepest piece of the sanctuary) of old sanctuaries perhaps now and then be confined to outsiders due to the customary convictions that just a Hindu can enter the sanctuaries. In uncommon examples, it is compellingly upheld. The best activity in such circumstances is to investigate the encompassing structures which are similarly captivating.

Kapaleeswarar Temple (Kapaleeshwara), Mylapore, One of Chennai's most seasoned and best-known sanctuaries, said to date to the eighth century, in spite of the fact that the present structure dates to the 1600s. Eminent most importantly for its taking off, unimaginably definite 37m gopuram (entrance door). There is a substantial water tank behind the sanctuary, utilized for the Thaipusam celebration (Jan-Feb), and a lot of bloom shops all around. Inside simple striking separation of the downtown area. The sanctuary likewise has an Arubathu Moovar celebration in Mar and is known for the groups and shading.

Karaneeswarar Temple is a Hindu sanctuary situated in the area of Saidapet in Chennai, India. It is devoted to the god Shiva.This sanctuary is situated beside the Saidapet Railway station. This sanctuary has a 7-storied Gopuram with two prakarams(closed regions of a sanctuary). The fundamental god is Lord Karaneeswara (Shiva) and Goddess Swarnaambikai (Sakthi). It is trusted that Lord Indra had come here to adore Lord Shiva to fix his revile. Uncommon reveres are done to Shiva on Pradosham days. This sanctuary has a lovely tank. The sanctuary is intensely packed on Pradhosham days. Yearly multi day Brahmotsavam happens in the Tamil month of Chithirai. Amid Chitirai thirvizha, individuals visit the sanctuary in tremendous numbers and there will be a day by day otherworldly chat on Thiruvasagam about Lord shiva.

The Parthasarathy Temple at Tiruvallikkeni (Triplicane) as the Britishers called it, is considered be the most established sanctuary in the Chennai and inceptions go back to the eighth century AD, the reference of which has been made in the Vaishnavite works of the Alwar holy people. The presence of the Tiruvallikkeni town in alluded in the Pallava records and previously. The sanctuary got its name from the lake before the sanctuary. It was initially worked by the Pallavas. The sanctuary was remodeled by later traditions, the Chola and the Vijayanagar kingdom. The Temple is committed to Lord Krishna. The name Parthasarathy has been gotten from two Sanskrit words Partha and Sarathy. The previous word alludes to Arjuna and the later methods Charioteer. Its engineering is a blend of a few sanctuary building styles. There are engravings of the Pallavas, Cholas and the Vijayanagar kingdom on the sanctuary structure. The sanctuary other than being committed to Parthasarathy is likewise respected for Venkatakrishnaswami and to Ranganathar. The sanctuary, when it was constructed, housed five avataras of the divinity Vishnu. The structure, as it stands today, houses the sanctums of well known gods like Venkatakrishnan with Rukmani, Balaraman, Satyaki, Anirudha, Pradyumna, Rama, Lakshmana, Barata, Sita, Shatrugna, Varadaraja and Hanuman.

Sri Ramakrishna Math-Universal Temple

Sri Ramakrishna_Math-Universal Temple , 31 Ramakrishna Math Rd, Mylapore. Swami Vivekananda on his arrival from the west was mentioned by the lovers in Madras (presently Chennai) to begin a Math here. To satisfy their craving Swamiji sent his sibling supporter Swami Ramakrishnananda to Madras in March 1897. In the wake of achieving Madras, the primary thing Swami Ramakrishnananda did was to set up a little hallowed place for Sri Ramakrishna at a leased house. He lived there and drove a real existence of renunciation, administration and starknesses. Gradually he developed the organization as the present Sri Ramakrishna Math and in this manner Sri Ramakrishna Math, Madras, appeared. This is the most seasoned focal point of the Ramakrishna Order in the South. Srimat Swami Bhuteshanandaji Maharaj, the twelfth President of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, established the framework stone for this Universal Temple on 1 December 1994 of every a stupendous capacity. It took five years for the undertaking to come to fruition as the present fantastic Universal Temple. On 7 Feb 2000 the sanctuary was committed by Srimat Swami Ranganathanandaji Maharaj, the thirteenth President of the Ramakrishna Order. Sri Ramakrishna Math finished hundred years of its administration in 1997. The Math is respected for its profound conventions, present day standpoint, acknowledgment all things considered, administration as the lifestyle. With its lushy green environment, the Universal Temple is the perfect spot for thought and reflection. 5AM-11:45AM and 3PM-9PM Tele: +91 044 2462110 Email: Web nearness:

Kundrathur sivan sanctuary (vada thirunageshvaram), (Kundrathur transport terminal). Sekkizhar fabricated this multi year old sanctuary alter

Kumaran Kundram (The Deity of Lord Murugan in Kumaran Kundram is viewed as identical to the one in Swamimalai), (Very close MIT Fly over). little hillock at Kumaran Kundram close by Madras Institute


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