Bodh Gaya Tour Packages

 Bodh Gaya Tour Packages

"The Temple of Great Awakening" Bodh gaya a UNESCO World Heritage Site, It is an ancient temple but rebuilt later.


Bodh Gaya (Once a Uruvela Village) is a place where 2500 years ago, in 6th centenary BCE a young ascetic attained enlightenment to become Buddha and found Buddhism, one of the world’s oldest  religions

Siddhartha spread grass below the Bodhi tree and sat for 7 days with cross legged facing the east to bow to get up only if he attains supreme knowledge.. His quest finally attained supreme knowledge. His quest endede at dawn Vaisakha Poornmima, the full moon day April-May, the enlightenment  that he has was seeking for so long. He was no more a seeker, he had become Buddha (the enlightened)

As a place of enlightenment, Bodh Gaya is the spiritual home for Buddhists.  Which is located in bihar, 115kms from Patna, the land is rich and fertile, dotted with green fields and waterbeds by the river Phalgu. The same ancient River on which the Buddha bathed after attaining enlightenment. Gaya is a centre for  Hindu pilgrims which is famous is for Vishnupad Temple.

The main temple complex has the world famous Mahabodhi temple or stupa and a tree of original Bodhi Tree, under its shadow the Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Inside Mahabodhi temple there is a Lotus Pond or the meditation garden.

Bodh Gaya has many temple  and also many monasteries from other nations for Buddhist pilgrims and traditions what they follow. Few Monasteries are form Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet etc. They are all very close to the Mahabodhi temple.

Special Note: Mobile phones are not allowed in Mahabodhi Temple premises.

The security is very tight, search bags and etc to prohibit pilgrims carrying it secretly. But Cameras are allowed for a camera ticket of INR 100 rupee and  Video camera INR 500. Footwear is prohibited in the temple.

How to reach Bodh Gaya:

By Plane: Nearest airport is Patna Airport which is about 110kms for Bodh gaya by road.

 By Train : Nearest Railway station is Gaya station which is 16kms form Bodhi temple.

Places to See in Bodh Gaya

  • Bodhi Tree - it is believed that this tree is a direct descendant of the one under which the Buddha Sakyamuni attained enlightenment, inside the Mahabodhi complex.
  • Mahabodhi Stupa
  • 80-foot Buddha Statue
  • Archaelogical Museum (A Must see place),  closed on Fridays, Entry ticket is Rs. 10/- (same for foreigners too). A very but interesting as it has few selection of Buddhist and Hindu artifacts from Bodh Gaya and other sites. Photography is strictly disallowed.
  • Barabar caves oldest caves mostly dating from the Mauryan empire
  • Bodhgaya Multimedia Museum It has Multimedia films and 3D Animation movie of Buddha
  • Gendhen Phelgyeling Monastery
  • Japanese temple
  • Kagyu Monlam Chenmo,
  • Karma Dhargye Chokhorling Monastery,  Beru Khyentse Rinpoche
  • Nyingma Monlam Chenmo,
  • Phowa Center, Choeje Ayang Rinpoche
  • Root Institute,  Zopa Rinpoche
  • Royal Bhutanese Monastery
  • Taiwanese Temple
  • Tergar Monastery, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
  • Thai Monastery


  • Varanasi & Sarnath to Gaya 245kms
  • Rajgir to Gaya 60kms
  • Nalanda  to Gaya 74kms
  • Deo to Gaya 77kms
  • Patna to Gaya 110kms 

Sarnath : Sarnath is in Varanasi. Most holy city for Hindua and Bidddhists.

Rajgir –Gridhakuta (Vulture's Peak), where the Buddha has deliver and stayed his preaching’s on the Mahayana and Venuvana which is the first Buddhist monastery.

Nalanda – This Buddhist university was in 450CE. As its in ruins and no inhabitants. There is Nalanda Museum

Deo, Bihar – Sun Temple.

Patna - 130 km by Road is the capital of Bihar state in India.

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