Auroville at Pondicherry

Auroville at Pondicherry



Auroville was a dream of The Mother from Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry. She imagined a town where solidarity will be praised and all will have an otherworldly work.

Around 2200 individuals from 43 distinct nations live in the city. Despite the fact that the authority langage of Tamil Nadu is Tamil, the official neighborhood dialects of Auroville are English, Tamil, French and Sanskrit. Tamil is the overwhelming language spoken at home, trailed by French and German. English is the most widely used language.

Best by e-cycles, additionally conceivable by motorbike or bike. Rickshaws and taxicabs can be requested for outings out of the town. In the event that you have a visitor card than you can utilize the network's transport to Pondicherry (for nothing).

You can employ e-cycles for Rs 90-200 every day (and utilize free power), motorbikes for Rs 50-150 every day and in certain guesthouses you'll get a bike for nothing or a little day by day charge with your lease. Focus Guest House has the two motorbikes and cycles for lease. In the event that you intend to remain some time, make a point to tell them and endeavor to arrange a lower cost for your rental. Make a few inquiries for who rents motorbikes in case you're keen on a petroleum bicycle. The vast majority will propose Kumar, who has a bicycle shop off Auroville Main Road directly before New Creation people group. E-cycles are accessible at Kinisi (CSR).

Auroville is very spread out and substantial, so on the off chance that you need to get around openly, lease an e-cycle, a bike or motorbike. Regardless of whether you've never ridden a bikes, it is anything but difficult to learn.

The testing part is exploring the busier streets in around the town of Kaluipalayam, the biggest Tamil town in or close Auroville. Notwithstanding other bikes, you will experience people on foot, bikes, cows, hounds, little visit transports, and the infrequent bull truck stacked with feed. Traffic can be overwhelming at sunset, when the groups of dairy animals head home and every other person appears to be attempting to get some spot else.

Make sure to remain on the left and look both ways before turning or intersection a street. On the off chance that you influence a correct turn, to make certain to finish up on the left half of your new street.

The closest oil station is on the ocean front street (otherwise known as the Beach Road) only north of the Auroville side road. On the off chance that you wind up low while in Kaluipalayam town, a couple of the shops have 1 liter water bottles loaded up with petroleum available to be purchased. Petroleum goes far, yet watch out for the dimension since running out can be awkward and potentially hazardous. With an electric cycle, the migraine of discovering oil in Auroville is avoided. Power is free and you can charge on any outlet in your room. What's more, you will keep Auroville green and clean!

Continuously travel with a charged cellphone, and expertise to utilize it to call your e-bicycle provider, your visitor house, and your kindred explorers. Motorbikes have a method for separating or not beginning, so it's smarter to go in sets or gatherings. That way you can generally get a ride on the back of another person's bicycle.

Matrimandir - Meaning "Sanctuary of the Mother" in Sanskrit, this is the geological and profound heart of Auroville. The outside is plated with gold, while within houses a space washed in warm shaded light, with white marble and geometric examples. Following the ways in this space, you're driven into the internal load, an obvious white round and hollow lobby based on an enormous gem circle. Unlimited segments are organized around the room and seem to break down into the space above. In the middle a light emission enters from the highest point of the chamber, penetrating the precious stone. Around the room, reflection pads are put and concentrators sit in supreme quietness.

The most effective method to Experience Matrimandir First head to Visitor's Center to watch a short film about the historical backdrop of Matrimandir and Auroville (this is required for going to see the Matrimandir inside or outside). At that point you can approach at the work area for a review point pass. They will guide you along a mobile way to the review point where you can see the Matrimandir from a separation. In the event that you need to go inside the Matrimandir, you should then go to the Matrimandir Tour Booking at Guest Accommodation Services (upstairs at Visitor's Center) and get a go for the visit. You should do this no less than multi day ahead of time, and you should do the booking face to face, so ensure you give yourself time. You'll be advised to come the following day (or whatever day you booked) in the first part of the day for another short video and a guided stroll through the Park of Unity to the Matrimandir to sit inside in the Inner Chamber. After you've experienced this underlying procedure you would then be able to go book (no less than multi day ahead of time) for a 45 minute fixation in the Inner Chamber which happens 10:45 - 11:30am. In case you're an enrolled volunteer and you work amid those occasions, converse with the staff at the Matrimandir and they will enable you to discover a period for focus.

Saturday and Sunday can be especially occupied and you may need to hang tight in line for 30-40 minutes. Sacks, PDAs and cameras are not permitted in Matrimandir.

Auroville's birthday festivity

In the event that you have a visitor card you can get a pass legitimate for all the times of your remain, else you'll get a one day pass. Aurovilians can likewise take you in as a visitor, however this isn't likely except if you have companions there.

Auro Beach - Located at strolling separation from the Auroville Busstop on ECR (East Coast Road), Auro Beach is viewed as a standout amongst the best shorelines on India's Eastern Coastline despite the fact that it is still contaminated. The vast majority of the general population found on the shoreline are either Europeans or Tamils.

Auro Beach

Auroville Botanical Gardens is a work in advancement. It plans to feature and present through various themed patio nurseries, species and assortments indigenous to the zone and to Dry Tropical Evergreen Forests, Including an Orchid Garden, Plumeria Garden, Cactus Garden, Ornamental Garden, and so forth. The Botanical Gardens are additionally home to a nursery and instructive community for school bunches from the zone. Volunteers are additionally welcome. Simply appear and get some information about volunteering. You can discover the Gardens by killing the Main Road onto a soil street, just before Udavi School. They're a kilometer down to your left side.


Auroville will in general draw in many individuals keen on manageable living practices, which for the vast majority has come to be synonymous with cultivating. There are something like 14 cultivates in Auroville, any of which will take day by day volunteers for complimentary or longer term ones in return for lodging and nourishment. For refreshed postings, you could contact the Farm Group office at

There are additionally plenty of social/monetary/natural undertakings going on consistently. Huge numbers of them welcome visitors, and numerous vacationers welcome the chance to go through possibly more than seven days volunteering to get a significantly more private see what goes inside Auroville. There are likewise numerous schools that can suit volunteers, natural rebuilding activities, and town activity activities, just to give some examples.

Sadhana Forest is presumably the most mainstream everything being equal. It is a reforestation venture begun by an Israeli couple who have proceeded to move comparable activities in Haiti and Kenya. They welcome all volunteers who essentially show up gave they focus on remaining in any event couple of weeks (a month in pinnacle season). They do incline toward volunteers to touch base on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri and that too before early afternoon. Generally there probably won't be any of the long haul people to invite them. Additionally note that you will contribute Rs 300 every day for nourishment, which is made in a veggie lover kitchen with all the affection and care of volunteers!

Buddha Garden is a decent choice for individuals searching for economical cultivating rehearses. It is a littler network contrasted with different ranches which could mean further kinships with individual volunteers and more profound greenhouse work! The homestead is found exceptionally near the Visitor Center.

Isolation Farm is a little ranch kept running by a fun insane man named Krishna who puts together his characteristic cultivating rehearses with respect to the thoughts of Masanobu Fukuoka, the creator of the One Straw Revolution. Individuals wishing to volunteer ought to send a basic letter about their interests to

Svaram is a musically rousing spot begun by Aurelio that makes remarkable melodic instruments from neighborhood fixings. They welcome volunteers with or without melodic experience by reaching them at They are additionally into Sound Healing and Sound Baths for individuals intrigued.

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