Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple Sri Lanka

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple Sri Lanka

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple is in Kalutara which is 44kms from Colombo.

Not to get confused with temple in Colombo which is also Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple.

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple is a Buddhist sanctuary in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. It was worked during the 1870s to shield devotees of Aluthgama Sangharatne who came to hear the priest's messages. An affluent nearby occupant subsidized the sanctuary's development and ensuing extension.


In 1873, Buddhist priest Aluthgama Sangharatne went to the town of Etanamadala in northern Kalutara District. He relocated to an isolation situated in the wilderness close to the Kalu Ganga River. Aluthgama Sangharatne looked for charity from locals, and they accumulated at the seclusion to hear his messages. Nearby inhabitant Elliyas Fernando, a rich occupant of northern Kalutara, was intrigued by Aluthgama Sangharatne's lessons and become the priest's essential advocate.

Development and Renovation 

Elliyas Fernando composed financing for a little corridor, Katti-paha, to be based on the land presently involved by the sanctuary to empower the priest to direct his messages inside the lobby. The ubiquity of the priest's messages pulled in Buddhist fans in enormous numbers. With expanded gifts from a developing number of aficionados, redesigns to build the limit of the corridor were embraced and the lobby was renamed "Dharma Salava" (a name which is as yet utilized).

Before the foundation of Dharma Salava, occupants of Etanamadala manufactured a little altar for sanctuary goers to make contributions. Moreover, an interval lecturing corridor was manufactured while Katti-paha was being remodeled. This corridor was subsidized by gifts from Elliyas Fernando, to empower new priests to live inside the complex. In the focal point of this enormous structure is a relic load, encompassed by littler lobbies and a drawing room.

Developments & Finance for the temple

Elliyas Fernando likewise financed the foundation of a "chateau for Buddha". This structure has since been changed over into an altar house (the Vihara Mandira, "a position of numerous brilliant qualities"). The stone engraving on the front mass of the hallowed place expresses, "This Temple Asokarama is offered to the Monks by the enthusiast Elliyas Fernando in the year 2411 Buddhist time, that is 1867AD. Amidst the Maha Sangha, the entourage of priests was going by Ven. Siri Dhammarama Thera of Matara".

After Aluthgama Sangharatne's demise, Sumanatissa Thera—a priest of the Siri Dhamma Yuttika (Matara) faction of Buddhism—headed the sanctuary from 1881 to 1920. During this period the dageba (stupas) were fabricated. These stupas, which contain relics of verifiable and strict criticalness to the Asokaramaya sanctuary complex, have been protected into the 21st century.

Following Sumanatissa Thera's demise, Vimalajoti Tissa was leader of the sanctuary from 1934 to 1959. Under his administration numerous augmentations to the sanctuary were finished, including the proclaiming lobby, the Bo-Tree and the ringer tower (which is still being used). Thera's understudies included Parakaduwe Saranankara and Kirillavela Piyatissa, understudies at Molligoda Pirivena. After Saddhatissa's demise, organization of the sanctuary was given over to Delgoda Pemananda.

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